Understand The Role Of Susceptibility In Acute Disease

Understand The Role Of Susceptibility In Acute Disease


  • Dr. Jignesh J Doshi Medical Officer, Government Homeopathic Dispensary, C/O Shri Vallbhcharya Trust Hospital, Opp. Saraswati School, Maninagar Char Rasta, Ahmedabad :- 380008
  • Dr. Girish Patel HOD –Repertory,S.V.H.M.C. & H,Bhavnagar- Gujarat
  • Dr. Pranav Shah HOD -Homoe.Pharmacy – S.V.H.M.C. & H,Bhavnagar- Gujarat


Susceptibility, Acute Disease, Relation With Homeopathic


Day in and day out we come across acute diseases in our practice. It is observed in clinic practice of almost all physicians that majority of the cases are of acute origin and the rest are chronic in nature. Usually acute disease presents to us with distinct characteristic form which suggest acute remedy. In order to treat as early as possible acute cases becomes the prime need of the physician. We have noted that an organism is constantly required to adapt itself to its environmental conditions so that harmony is maintained. This process of adaptation can take lace on account of the susceptibility. To undertake such study we need to examine acute diseases. We need to understand the role of susceptibility and miasm in every case. In developing countries like India, infectious diseases are the commonest cause of mortality. Especially diseases like Typhoid fever, Acute Viral Hepatitis and Pneumonia are very frequent cause of admission and also a frequent enemy to encounter in O.P.D. [Doshi J Natl J Integr Res Med, 2021; 12(1):80-84]




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