Proving Of Bacopa Monniera (BRAHMI)

Proving Of Bacopa Monniera (BRAHMI)


  • Dr. Vivek Gupta Hod In Dep. Of Hom. Pharmacy, GHMC - Dethli, Siddpur
  • Dr.Pranav Shah Hod In Dep. Of Hom. Pharmacy, S.V.H.M.C. & H –Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • Dr. Girish Patel Hod In Dep. Of Repertory, S.V.H.M.C. & H – Bhavnagar, Gujarat


Homeopathic medicine , Drug Proving, Materia Medica


Background: Brahmi has been used by Ayurvedic medical practitioners in India for almost 3000 years. The earliest chronicled mention is in the Ayurvedic treatise, the Charaka Samhita (100 A.D.), in which Brahmi is recommended in formulations for the management of a range of mental conditions including anxiety, poor cognition and lack of concentration. According to the Charaka, Brahmi acts as an effective brain tonic that boosts one's capabilities to think and reason. The Sushruta Samhita 6 (200 A.D.) attributes the plant with efficacy in maintaining acuity of intellect and memory. The Bhavprakasha Nighantu, commonly known as the Indian Materia Medica (1500 A.D.), cites the plant as a brain tonic that is effective in maintaining vigor and intellect. Material And Methods: Method for the study has been selected as placebo controlled “Double Blind Methodâ€. Result: In drug proving out of seventeen provers sixteen manifested the symptoms consequent upon the administration of drug. There is a drop of one prover due to death of near one on the 5th day of phase-I. One prover got the typhoid fever so he was continued on abstinence of medicine because of the symptoms persisted till the completion of phase-II. Conclusion: This drug is initially used clinically in mother tincture form and not proved completely on the principles laid down in Organon of medicine. I have taken this drug to prove it in 30c & 200c potency. For the study placebo control “Double blind method†is been selected. [Gupta V Natl J Integr Res Med, 2021; 12(4):56-61]




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