Utility Of Pulsatilla Nigrican And Sepia In Leucorrhoea

Utility Of Pulsatilla Nigrican And Sepia In Leucorrhoea


  • Dr.Vivek Gupta HOD In Dep. Of Hom. Pharmacy, GHMC - Dethli, Siddpur.
  • Dr.Pranav Shah HOD -Homoe.Pharmacy – S.V.H.M.C. & H,Bhavnagar- Gujarat


Leucorrhoea, Homeopathic medicine , Pulsatill and Sepia.


Now a day with modern civilized life a report suggests that women are probably dying because incidence is increasing due to change of life style. Women’s health is compromised at practically in every step. The statement has been amplified to include the ability to lead a ‘socially and economically productive life’. Among the people the health of women requires high attention. There are several medical disorders from which women suffer, from puberty to till after menopause like leucorrhoea, painful menses, menstrual irregularities; dysfunction uterine bleeding, cancer of genital organ, cervical and endometrial polyposis etc are chief problems. Many of victims suffer from among all this, but leucorrhoea is universal problem of all women. Material & Methods: Type of study: Comparative study& Prospective study. Type of sampling: random sampling Conclusion: These prove when homoeopathic medicine selected on bases of Totality of symptoms, causation, constitutionally and on bases of individualization, it gives permanent improvement without recurrences. [Gupta V Natl J Integr Res Med, 2021; 10(6):85-90]




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