Pattern Of Reticulocyte Count And Hemoglobin Concentration In Pregnant And Non- Pregnant Women In Rural Haryana.

Pattern Of Reticulocyte Count And Haemoglobin Concentration In Pregnant And Non-Pregnant Women In Rural Haryana


  • Deepsheikha Dhand
  • Nasib Chand
  • Sanjay Bedi
  • Tanupriya Bindal
  • Minu Bedi


Haemoglobin, Anemia, Reticulocyte count, Trimester, Hematological, Bone marrow


Background & Objective: Anemia is a common nutritional health problem in women’s child bearing age.
Pregnant women are at higher risk particularly during 3rd trimester of pregnancy. By definition, it is decrease in
number of RBCs below 4.5 million or Hb level below 11.0 gm % and hematocrit < 0.33 in pregnant women. Anemia
contributes significantly to maternal mortality and morbidity and also carries a risk factor for infant iron deficiency
anemia. Main causes of maternal anemia are blood loss, increased menstrual bleeding and nutritional iron & folate
deficiency. Anemia can be estimated by Hb estimation and Reticulocyte count (RC), which is a quantitative measure
of Bone marrow production of new RBCs, with a range of 0.5-2.5%(adults) and 2.6% in infants. Reticulocyte Index (RI)
is a calculation of ratio b/w level of anemia in response to which, RC has risen. Objective is to study pattern of
reticulocyte count in pregnant and non-pregnant women, 2) To compare Hb level in pregnant women in 3 trimesters
and non-pregnant women.3) To analyze pattern of reticulocyte count and compare levels of Hb concentration in
pregnant women in 3 trimesters and non- pregnant women. Methodology: A total of 100 women with age range of
18-40 yrs were examined (50 pregnant and 50 healthy non pregnant women) presenting to Obstetrical O.P.D. Blood
samples from subjects were collected, tested and hematologically analyzed. Both Inclusion and Exclusion criteria
strictly followed. Results & Conclusion: Hb level in pregnant women was significantly low as compared to non
pregnant women, whereas Reticulocyte count was higher in pregnant women than non pregnant women. Variation
of Hb concentration was seen as, high in 3rd Trimester. R C was raised in 2nd Trimester and reached peak in 3rd
trimester, while it remained normal or decreased in 1st trimester. Non-pregnant women showed normal range of R C.
So values of all red cell parameters in pregnant women was significantly low, as compared to age matched controls
except Reticulocyte count, which was raised during pregnancy. [Bedi S NJIRM 2016; 7(3): 40 - 44]


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