Evaluation Of Stress Coping Skills Among Dental Students

Evaluation Of Stress Coping Skills Among Dental Students


  • Rajeev Saxena Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, SKNMC, Pune
  • Sachin Wankhede Professor & Head, Department of Microbiology, SKNMC, Pune
  • Avinash Supe Ex Dean, Sheth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital Mumbai
  • Payal Bansal Professor, Department of Medical Education, MUHS, Pune


Stress, Coping, Dental student


Background: Stress is common among dental students and there are many causes for this stress. Too much stress can hamper teaching and learning process and results in poor academic and clinical performance. Students are unable to focus on study. Material and Methods: Study was conducted for 300, 1st to 4th year BDS students of Sinhgad Dental College &Hospital, Pune. To assess the stress coping skills of the students Folkman and Lazarus scale was used. Statistical analysis was done useing microsoft excel Results: There were no significant differences in coping strategy when compared between the I, II, III and IV BDS. The most common coping strategy was Positive reappraisal followed by Planfull problem solving, accepting responsibility and seeking support. No significant difference observed in coping strategy of different years of dental student, suggestive of uniform coping methods throughout their undergraduate carrier Conclusion: The present study concludes that students of different years will have same coping startagy, it will not affect with their study year. [Saxena R Natl J Integr Res Med, 2019; 10(3):45-48]




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Saxena, R., Wankhede, S., Supe, A., & Bansal, P. (2019). Evaluation Of Stress Coping Skills Among Dental Students: Evaluation Of Stress Coping Skills Among Dental Students. National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine, 10(3), 45–48. Retrieved from http://nicpd.ac.in/ojs-/index.php/njirm/article/view/2563



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