The Study of Total Facial Index in Living Subjects in Gujarat Region

The Study of Total Facial Index


  • Dr. Sapana Shah
  • Dr. Parth Pandya
  • Dr. Jignesh Vadgama
  • Dr. Sanjay Chavda
  • Dr. S. P. Rathod
  • Dr. S. V. Patel


bizygomatic distance, total facial index, mesoproscopic


Background and objectives: The total facial index exhibits sexual differences and different shapes of face. This information will be highly important for Plastic surgeons, Forensic Scientists, Anatomists, Human Biologists, Criminologists & Physical Anthropologists.Method: The present study was performed on 510 living subjects of Gujarat (243 male and 267 female) of 18 to 30 years in the year of 2011 with the objective to study the sex differences in total facial index. Total facial index was investigated with the help of face height and width with the use of sliding caliper.Result: The study showed that mean face height and width were higher in males than in females, and mean total facial index was also higher in males than in females. Interpretation and conclusion: Predominant face type in males was mesoproscopic while in females was euriproscopic and there was statistically highly significant gender difference.


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Shah, D. S., Pandya, D. P., Vadgama, D. J., Chavda, D. S., Rathod, D. S. P., & Patel, D. S. V. (2012). The Study of Total Facial Index in Living Subjects in Gujarat Region: The Study of Total Facial Index. National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine, 3(4), 96–98. Retrieved from



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