Role of Homoeopathic Medicines In Case Of Acute Tonsillitis


  • Dr. Harikrishna Joshi Associate Professor, Department Of Repertory, SVHMC&H, Bhavnagar – Gujarat.


Tonsillitis, acute disease ,homoeopathic


Background: Background-Homoeopathic accept as true in enhancing the body’s own immune system since the disease is not painstaking to be limited to a single organ but of the entire life, a dissonance in the constitution of the individual which makes him susceptible to reduced immune response and hence susceptible to infection, tonsillitis being one of them depending on the most susceptible organ presented to the infection. So a Homoeopathic approach is made to treat the infection, examine all the factors leading to the increased susceptibility of the individual, so that once the helplessness is removed the body would be healthy enough to render itself immune to infections. Material And Method: Prospective, Randomized, Clinical Trial, Sampling Method- Simple Random, follow-up criteria: Potency selection depends on individual susceptibility. Periodical assessment and evaluating were done every 3 days. They were asked to report even before the scheduled date, in the event of experiencing any troublesome symptom or serious illness. Each time changes were noted down regarding presenting complaints or new symptoms. Remedy repeated only if necessary and new remedy considered on the basis of change of symptoms if necessary. Result: concluded that homoeopathy is highly acceptable in cases of acute tonsillitis, the well selected medicine given internally and show improvement in patients and also prevent vigorous surgical procedure such as tonsillectomy and the master Hahnemann is also against of such procedures. [Joshi H Natl J Integr Res Med, 2023; 14(6):8-11, Published on Dated: 28/12/2023]




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