Role Of High Resolution Computed Tomogrpahy In Evaluation Of Temporal Bone In Middle And Innner Ear Pathology


  • Dr. Payal Parmar Resident Doctor, Department Of Radio Diagnosis, Government Medical College, Bhavnagar
  • Dr.Bharat Kumar Pate Resident Doctor
  • Dr. Swati Mehta Resident Doctor
  • Dr. Keval Kathiya Resident Doctor
  • Dr. Bansari Dihora Resident Doctor
  • Dr. Rajan Parmar Resident Doctor
  • Dr. Mehandi Vadsaria Professor


High Resolution Computed Tomography Of Temporal Bone, Acoustic Neuroma, Cholesteatoma; Middle Ear; Otitis Media With Suppuration; Mastoiditis; Meningioma; Cerebellopontine Angle Mass Lesion


Abstract:Background:HRCT, a modification of routine CT, provides a direct visual window into the temporal bone providing minute structural details. Purpose of the present study is to evaluate the normal variations, pathological processes (infections, tumors and congenital anomalies) and their extent involving the temporal bone. Material And Methods:This study evaluating the efficacy of HRCTtemporal bone finding among patients of middle and inner ear diseases in sir t. General hospital a cross sectional study.Result:Amongthe 70 cases which were studied, infection was found to be the most common pathology affecting the temporal bone with increasing preponderance in the younger age group. Temporal bone trauma is forming second largest group of trauma patients in which longitudinal fracture of temporal bone is most common. Neoplasms formed the third largest group of lesions with acoustic neuroma being the most common tumor.Conclusion:HRCT is a revolutionary imaging modality that helps in evaluating the distribution features, localization and assessing the extent of various pathologies affecting the temporal bone. [Parmar P Natl J Integr Res Med, 2023; 14(1):01-05, Published on Dated:20/01/2023]




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Dr. Payal Parmar, Dr.Bharat Kumar Pate, Dr. Swati Mehta, Dr. Keval Kathiya, Dr. Bansari Dihora, Dr. Rajan Parmar, & Dr. Mehandi Vadsaria. (2024). Role Of High Resolution Computed Tomogrpahy In Evaluation Of Temporal Bone In Middle And Innner Ear Pathology. National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine, 14(4), 01–05. Retrieved from



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