Use Of Digital Haemoglobin (TAMIACS) For Measuring Haemoglobin


  • Dr. Ashwin Shah* *MBBS
  • Dr. Dilpi Patel* *MBBS
  • Mr. Nikesh Vaidhya ** **Microbiologist
  • Shalini Gupta*** *** Lab Technician


Haemoglobin, Sophisticated, Single Donor


Background:Hemoglobin estimation serves as a critical screening test for blood donors, ensuring
their eligibility and safety. While various methods exist for this purpose, each approach carries its own set
of advantages and disadvantages. Among these methods, digital hemoglobinometer stands out as a highly
reliable, sophisticated, and well-suited choice, particularly within the context of blood donation centers (1).
This study aimed to assess the performance of the TAMIACS digital hemoglobin analyzer by comparing it to
the Benesphera H31 cell counter, a well-established and highly accurate method for hemoglobin testing.
Material And Methods:Conducted at a tertiary Indian Red cross society .Nadiad.. from July 2023 to
september 2023, this study involved 250 donor . The data obtained from the TAMIACS digital hemoglobin
analyzer were meticulously compared with those from the Benesphere H31 cell counter. Result: Out of the
250 donors, the vast majority (247) were male, while 3 were female. The mean hemoglobin value obtained
from the TAMIACS Digital haemoglobin analyzer (mean 14.4 g/dl) was slightly higher by 0.4 g/dl when
compared to the reference value from the Benesphera H 31 cell counter (mean 14.2 g/dl). However, this
difference was not statistically significant (P > 0.05). Moreover, in comparison to the cell counter, the
TAMIACS analyzer proved to be cost-effective while maintaining a high level of sensitivity and specificity,
both exceeding 95%. The R square value, which stood at 0.9987, indicates a high level of precision.
Conclusion:In conclusion, the digital hemoglobinometer, TAMIACS, has demonstrated its capacity to yield
results on par with those of the cell counter. Moreover, it stands out as a cost-effective alternative. This
study reaffirms the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the TAMIACS digital hemoglobin analyzer, making it
an excellent choice for hemoglobin estimation in blood donation setups. [Shah A Natl J Integr Res Med,
2023; 14(4):25-26, Published on Dated: 8/07/2023]




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