Study Of Bacterial Colonization Of Mobile Phones And Writing Pens In Tertiary Care Hospital

Study Of Bacterial Colonization Of Mobile Phones And Writing Pens In Tertiary Care Hospital


  • Dr. Smita Deshkar
  • Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed
  • Dr. Dilip Gedam
  • Dr. Sunanda Shrikhande


Bacterial contamination, mobile phones, pens


Background and Aim: Health care workers accessories like mobile and pen have become important
fomites in spread of health care infections and when used at the patient’s point of care may be responsible for cross
contamination. Aim is to determine whether mobile phones and pens could play a role in the spread of bacterial
pathogens. Methodology: Swabs from from mobile phones and pens were taken and inoculated on blood agar and
MacConkey agar plates and the isolates were identified by standard microbiological procedures. Results: 28
/74(37.83%) mobile phone and 22/74(29.73%) pens showed bacterial contamination. Coagulase negative
staphylococcus accounted for the majority of positive isolates. Conclusion: Mobiles and pens are potential reservoir
for bacteria. They might be a vector in the transmission of potential pathogenic microorganisms. The risk can be
reduced by using alcohol-based sanitizing agents for wiping mobile and pen. [Deshkar S NJIRM 2016; 7(3):80 - 82]


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