Malignant Transformation of Cutaneous Lichen Planus: Case Report

Malignant Transformation of Cutaneous Lichen Planus: Case Report


  • Dr. Munlima Hazarika
  • Dr. Anupam Sharma
  • Dr. B. B Borthakur
  • Dr. Mouchumi Bhattacharyya


Cutaneous lichen planus; squamous cell carcinoma


Background: Lichen planus is a chronic mucocutaneous T-cell-mediated disease, the cause of which remains unknown. Malignant transformation in the cutaneous lesions of Lichen Planus is a rare occurrence and should be kept in mind while treating such lesions.. Epidemiological studies from the last 20 years have revealed a malignant transformation rate of 0.27% per year, emphasizing the importance of the clinical follow-up of lichen planus patients, to ensure an early diagnosis and treatment in the initial stage. Case report: We report a 17 year female who developed a squamous cell carcinoma in a long standing hypertrophic lichen planus in the left thigh. Conclusion: A high degree of suspicion is necessary whenever we come across a non-healing lesion in a patient with lichen planus.






Case Report