Hemisection: Resection For Conservation

Hemisection: Resection For Conservation


  • Varshal J Barot


Furcation defects, hemisection, root resection, resective therapy


Furcation defects represent a formidable problem in the treatment of periodontal disease, principally related to the complex and irregular anatomy of furcations. The presence and severity of a furcation lesion reduces the success rate of conventional periodontal therapy in these specific areas and therefore worsens the long-term prognosis of that particular tooth.While regeneration of the periodontium is an accepted treatment goal, not all furcation defects can be effectively treated using regenerative procedures. Hence, resective therapies like root resection, bicuspidization or hemisection for the treatment of furcation defects is an essential part of the periodontal treatment, which must be performed in order to attain a result which can eventually be considered more conservative. Here is a case report of a 38-year-old male with hemisection procedure performed in the right mandibular 1st molar with grade III furcation involvementfollowed by fixed partial denture.[Barot VNJIRM 2015; 6(4):118-122]


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