Understand The Phenomena Of Depression From Various Expressions And Behavioural Patterns Through An Analysis Of Life Space

Behavioural Patterns Through An Analysis Of Life Space


  • Dr. Harikrishna Joshi Associate Professor, Department Of Repertory, SVHMC&H, Bhavnagar – Gujarat


Depression, Homoeopathic, Cognitive Treatment


Background: Depression is commonly seen in both the sexes equally. The ratio of unmarried females is being more as compared to unmarried males. And its prevalence is more in adults between age of 20-30 and middle age. Study found that role of personality traits with peculiar thinking bias as one of the important cause in the maintenance of the depression in almost all cases. With allopathic medication the mood improves but the thinking patterns continues be the same which is the cause for relapse. Therefore cognitive therapy has definitive role in treatment of depression. Aim & Object: To understand the phenomena of depression from various expressions and behavioural patterns through an analysis of life space. To identify various stressors and forces, responsible for maintaining the depression. To identify the cognitive triad. To do cognitive reconstructing for better adaptation of individual and to prevent relapses. Material And Methods: Selected patients suffering from Depressive disorder will be taken up for the study. Detailed interview focusing upon childhood, upbringing, schooling, work, and family with respect to various expressions against stressors by using Standard Case Record. (Kapse , 2003) An analysis of the life space through Life Space Table. (Kapse, 2003) focusing on expression against stressors in a particular life event and identifying the negative triad. Construct a therapeutic problem definition and resolution in each case. (Kapse, 2003) Perform the appropriate cognitive restructuring and assess the results on the appropriate format. Result: Study shows that in 10 cases in which therapy was given shown a marked improvement if the person was having good insight and was willing to take efforts for changing his thinking patterns .also if one or few maintaining causes are causing depression then with cognitive therapy the success rate is higher. But 3 cases failed to improve due to strong avoidance and denial on the part of patient. The therapy places a great demand on the therapist to have the adequate skill while dealing with these cases.  Conclusion: After overall study these 10 therapy cases has given me some idea and hopes  that cognitive therapy has a definitive role in management of relapses in cases of depression, but needs. [Joshi H Natl J Integr Res Med, 2022; 13(6): 01-05, Published on Dated: 15/11/2022]



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