Comparison Of Efficacy Of Cell Block Versus Conventional Smear Cytology Study In Serous Effusions

Comparison Of Efficacy Of Cell Block Versus Conventional Smear

  • Dr. Dehariya C Assistant Professor Department Of Pathology GMC, Chhindwara 480001
  • Dr. Patidar R K 3rd Year PG,Department Of Pathology NSCB Medical College Jabalpur- 482003.
  • Dr. Yadav B S Associate Professor, Department Of Pathology, NSCB Medical College Jabalpur- 482003
Keywords: Cell block, conventional smear, serous effusions, Malignancy.


Background: Diagnostic cytology is study of cells that are exfoliated from epithelial surface or remove from the tissue. Cytological examination of body fluid helps us to differentiate inflammatory effusion from malignant effusion. It has diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic implications. The method has disadvantage of lower sensitivity to detected and differentiate malignant cell from reactive atypical mesothelial cells. Aims: The aim of this study is to compare the cytological features of conventional smear (CS) method and cell block (CB) method in serous effusions and access their ability to diagnose malignancy.
Material And Methods: Nighty seven serous effusion (pleural and peritoneal) samples were subjected to evaluation by both CS and CB methods.. Each fluid specimen was divided into two equal parts, Cs and CB prepared. Cell blocks were prepared using plasma-thromboplastin cell block technique. Cellularity, architecture patterns, morphological features and yield for malignancy were compared, using the two methods. Result: Among 97 cases common age was 41-60 year with M:F sex ratio 1.06:1. Most common cause of effusion were Pulmonary tuberculosis (20.69%) followed by Ovarian mass (19.59%), Liver cirrhosis (6.19%), Lung mass (5.15%).Cell block was diagnostically superior (Score 6-8) in 34.02% cases whereas no cases were found diagnostically superior with conventional smear. The additional yield of malignancy was found to be 11.94% more by cell block method compared to conventional smear. Conclusion: The CB method provides high cellularity, better architectural patterns, morphological features and an additional yield of malignant cells, and thereby, increases the sensitivity of the cytodiagnosis when compared with the CS method. [Dehariya C Natl J Integr Res Med, 2020; 11(4):10-14]

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