Understanding The Role Of Miasms In Recovery Through The Study Of Three Cases Of Chronic Renal Failure: A Retrospective Purposive Case Study

Understanding Role Of Miasms In Recovery

  • Dr. Pankaj C. Dave Professor Department Of Repertory, Dr. V.H. Dave Homeopathic Medical College, Anand
Keywords: Chronic Renal Failure, Miasms: Psora, Sycosis & Syphilis, Patho-physiology


Background: The chronic Renal Failure is the disease which requires constant monitoring of patient with conservative treatment ultimately leading to either renal transplantation or death of the patient. Its causes include from uncontrolled hypertension to diabetes mellitus, iatrogenic and hereditary. Homoeopathy treats patient as a whole and deals with the cause of the disease rather than giving symptomatic treatment of the disease, basically considering the miasm, diathesis, patho-physiology of the disease and susceptibility of the patient. This study of the three cases, shows that if we consider all the factors mentioned above we can give quality life to the patient helping him not only physically but also by reducing his economic burden. Material And Methods: Retrospective purposive study. Case reports of the subjects attending the OPD. The three cases diagnosed to be suffering from chronic renal failure and were not undergoing dialysis with regular follow ups along with repeated investigations were selected for retrospective study at least for a year. The cases were analysed for the expression of miasm, susceptibility and pathology of chronic renal failure in particular case. The conclusions were drawn from the understanding of pathophysiology of medicine, pathology present in the case, susceptibility of the patient and final result the patient had after homoeopathic medicine. Result: In the three cases studied, the miasms that were present were Syphilis, Psora+Syphilis and Sycosis+Syphilis. The case of Syphilis was palliated, the case with Psora+Syphilis could be reverted and one with Sycosis +syphilis could be maintained at the pathology presented at the entry level. Conclusion: This retrospective study reflects that the application of knowledge of Organon to the pathology of the case and prescribing the remedy as per the pathology along with the characteristics symptoms of the case can revert the clinical presentation of the case. [Dave P Natl J Integr Res Med, 2020; 11(3):72-76]

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