Students’ Perception of Present Teaching Method of Histology –A Study from Eastern Part of India

Students’ Perception of Present Teaching Method of Histology

  • Sudipa Biswas
  • Suranjali Sharma
  • Soumya Chakraborty
Keywords: Digital techniques, Histology, Students’ perception, Traditional teaching method, Virtual slides and microscope


Background & Objectives: The purpose of this study was to get an idea about students’ perceptions on present method of teaching histology. Methods: A cross sectional study was done with the help of both open and close ended questionnaire to get their view on the teaching method, its problems and the possible remedies. Results and interpretation: Most of the students responded (93.06%), and showed their eagerness towards studying basic histology in detail. They supported the idea of relevant theory classes before practical hours (95.7%) and use of pointers (85.1%). But some students (37.1%) have accepted difficulty in identifying slides due to different reasons like- insufficient time for revision, bad quality of slides etc. They suggested a few remedies like-more time for revision, revision assisted by digital technique, photograph of the slides, better quality of slides etc. Students, even after proper motivation, eagerness to study and with all available modalities as per present curriculum, were unable to identify slides well. Conclusion: This study provided useful information for the need of change in traditional methodology in teaching histology to more student friendly, time saving, and modern way of teaching learning histology. [Sudipa B NJIRM 2017; 8(5):61-66]


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