Conference Proceeding PARCON 2019


The conference ‘Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation: Evidences Leading to New Horizons’ is the first of its kind
in Western part of India, especially in Gujarat state. The term Rehabilitation encompasses a larger context,
of bringing one to normal or near normal status, in all dimensions of Health, namely Physical, Mental, Social
and Emotional dimensions as defined by WHO.

Although all dimensions need a perfect balance for a good health it is the Physical dimension that has been
paid more attention as it directly affects an individual’s productivity and contribution to the society. So, in
many ways Physiotherapy also known as ‘Physical therapy’ which deals with Physical rehabilitation has
almost become synonymous with the term rehabilitation.

‘Rehabilitation’ however, in its true sense involves all dimensions of health and many professionals who
look after these dimensions work as a rehabilitation team member and work tirelessly to achieve this
greater goal of bringing someone to a normal or near normal status in all the dimensions.
It is also an accepted fact that each profession has grown dramatically in the area of their specialty over
these years and this development has significantly contributed in achieving greater heights in

Staying true to the holistic meaning of the term Rehabilitation, this Conference brought all the members of
rehabilitation under one roof and encouraged each and every member of the team to know the success
achieved by other members.

Eminent speakers from various branches of rehabilitation team enlightened the audience with their talks
/speech, sharing their experiences. This conference was supported by Gujarat Council of Science and
Technology- GUJCOST

This conference provided a platform for many to showcase their researches which is considered as the
surrogate marker for the quality of research carried out in rehabilitation field and would ignite the future
researchers with innumerable questions that are yet to be answered and also promote good quality