Estimation of Height from The Lengths of Second And Fourth Digits In Gujarat Region

Estimation of Height from The Lengths of Second And Fourth Digits

  • Gaurang Parmar
  • Srushti Ruparelia
  • Shailesh Patel


Background: Estimation of stature from incomplete skeletal and decomposing human remains is particularly important in personal identification. It is considered to be important in those cases where only fragmentary or mutilated remains of an unknown person are recovered as in murders, accidents, catastrophic events causing mass deaths from natural disasters. The digits lengths can be used as a basis for estimating age related loss in stature and as an alternative measure to stature. Therefore in the present study, the attempt has been made to correlate 2nd and 4th digits length with stature and derive a regression equation to calculate stature from 2nd and 4th digits length. Objectives: To investigate the relationship between personal stature and 2nd and 4th digits lengths and to derive specific formula (regression equation) to estimate stature from 2nd and 4th digits. Methods: A cross sectional sample of 500 (230 males & 270 females) asymptomatic healthy students of different faculties, between the age group of 18-24 years belonging to nearby regions of Gujarat who are culturally and linguistically similar. Results: The mean height in male and female is 163.48cm.The mean height of 2nd right and left digit is 6.99cm and 7.18cm respectively. The mean height of 4th right and left digit is 7.15cm and 7.11cm respectively. Coefficient of variation of height is 5.34, of right 2nd digit is 6.90, of right 4th digit is 7.29, left 2nd digit is 7.63 and left 4th digit is 7.46. Conclusion: It is concluded that length of digits can provide good reliability in estimation of stature. Simple linear regression equation derived can be used for estimation of height. It is practical use in Medico Legal investigations and in Anthropometry. [Gaurang P IJBAA 2018; 1(1):17-21]

Nov 25, 2017
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PARMAR, Gaurang; RUPARELIA, Srushti; PATEL, Shailesh. Estimation of Height from The Lengths of Second And Fourth Digits In Gujarat Region. Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Anatomy, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 1, p. 17-21, nov. 2017. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 24 apr. 2019.
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