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This is trial Course for E learning Skill workshop at Shri MP Shah Medical College, Jamnagar

HITCON- HealthTech Conference for doctor by doctors. - HITCON 2016 was the first such event held in 2016 attended by more than 700 doctors across India. As we all know lots of innovation and promising developments are taking in the field of Healthcare Technology, medical devices and diagnostics. It has become very important to be regularly updated. Advancement of technology has brought significant changes in the field of healthcare and medical education in the recent years. 

Keeping in mind this and with a vision and mission of empowering medical fraternity with knowledge on the subject at Management Medicos are coming up with Hitcon Without border:  We are starting with HITCON 2016 at your finger tips. Because we know knowledge and learning does not have boundaries. 

if you have missed Hitcon 2016 or wants to refresh the knowledge join this online course today.Please fill the form https://goo.gl/forms/4sOkwbKxkXcb67Z63 and send Rs 100 by Paytm to 9825086839- In remark write your mail Id and share screenshot of the payment via email to nicpd@ymail.com. 

You will receive mail with link and Id, Password and that's it ... start learning 

Once you go through the all sessions, fill the feedback form to be eligible to get “e”certificate. Thank you

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A prescription is an instruction from a prescriber to a dispenser. The prescriber is not always a doctor but can also be a paramedical worker, such as a medical assistant, a midwife or a nurse. The dispenser is not always a pharmacist, but can be a pharmacy technician, an assistant or a nurse. Every country has its own standards for the minimum information required for a prescription, and its own laws and regulations to define which drugs require a prescription and who is entitled to write it.  Lets go through the Course for Intern doctors 

Values in Healthcare- A Spiritual Approach(VIHASA) is a modular development programme which will help healthcare professionals and teams to support themselves and their patients. 

Through experiential exercises and opportunities for reflection and self enquiry participants can identify their own core values and discover how their insights can enhance and revitalise their work. 

The programme is delivered via a pack of materials as well as onsite at Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu.

It introduce values such as compassion, co-operation, peacefulness and self-care, and encourage participants to explore using them in their personal lives and professional practice. The learning outcomes will enable professionals in all settings to cope better with their work, raise morale and restore a sense of purpose, helping to prevent problems of burnout, sickness absence, and staff retention

To spread this message of Values in Healthcare- A Spiritual Approach(VIHASA) beyond boundaries we are trying to develop e module of Values in Healthcare- A Spiritual Approach(VIHASA),

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